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Bella Biochar Corporation is the premiere biochar market brand and the only Canadian (Ontario Made), commercial scale manufacturer of certified Organic, premium quality biochar: a carbon capture bio-product derived from landfill diverted bio-mass. The resulting reduction in Greenhouse Gases remains captured for thousands of years.

As a pioneer in the industry, Bella Biochar was founded on the principle that true quality must be scientifically substantiated. Determined to be the premiere biochar brand, Bella Biochar joined NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) via an Industry Partnership with Western University. As a result, Bella Biochar has been proven to be scientifically distinctive in the following ways:

1. High carbon content
2. Adsorption capacity superior to Activated Carbon
3. Certified Organic

At Bella Biochar we are passionate about soil health, animal health human health. We specialize in producing high quality Biochar, tailored to meet your needs.

About Bio-char

We make biomass beautiful!

What is Biochar?

Biochar is a charcoal like substance made from biomass.
The term “biochar” is derived from the Greek word bios,"life" and "char" (product of carbonization of biomass, as charcoal). ​

Where is Biochar derived from?

Biochar is derived from organic materials which have stored sunlight in the form of chemical energy. Biochar feedstock includes wood, wood waste, straw, manure, sugar cane, and many other byproducts referred to as Biomass, which is derived from a variety of agricultural processes.

What is Biochar used for?

Due to the unique absorbency and high level carbon/pH properties of Biochar, it is beneficial in a number of Agricultural, Environmental and Industrial applications.

What is Our Mission?

More About Our Services

A Green, Global Opportunity Population growth & climate change


Animal Care

  • Animal Bedding for increased moisture absorption, odour reduction, increased milk and meat production, improved animal health

  • Feed Additive for improved animal health and digestion along with rapid weight gain

  • Manure Management / Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

Soil Amendment

  • Carbon Sequestration

  • Reduced nutrient leaching

  • Reduced soil acidity

  • Reduced irrigation and fertilizer requirements

  • Increased crop yields

  • Reduction of drought impact on soil

  • Medium in Nursery Production


Water Filtration

  • Durable ecological filter medium used in drinking water

  • Aquarium cleaner

Green Roofs ​

  • Reduction in leaching and solar radiation

  • Carbon Capture


  • Sorbent material for removing contaminants from water and gas

  • Colorant and/or purifying agent in food and cosmetics

  • Various Medical/Chemical applications

  • Cement-concrete constructions can be made 20% stronger and 50% more watertight

Current Challenges

  • Current grow mediums subject to crop loss & lower yields

  • Many are difficult to recycle, produce low crop yields and can be toxic to people and the environment

  • Premium soil blends and Coco Coir are inconsistent and carry a risk of pest and pathogens

  • Currently available biochar is not suitable for soilless growing

  • Most grow mediums impact the environment negatively

Biochar Solutions

  • Used as a soilless growing media

  • Reduces crop loss and risk

  • Increases plant yield

  • Shortens crop cycles

  • Fully reusable and repurposable and Safe to Handle

  • Pure, inert, and contaminate free

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